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Training & Development

Here at Valley United Soccer League (VUSL), we strive to help you develop as a referee. We work with you to achieve your goals, whether they be as a Center Referee or Assistant Referee. We have a multitude of experienced referees here to help you. We have our own Ontario Soccer-qualified instructor referee with over 30 years of experience as a referee as well as two Ontario Soccer SCORE-qualified mentors. 
Referee Whistle Basics
The whistle is an essential tool for soccer referees to control the flow of the game and ensure fair play. Here are some of the key reasons why the whistle is so important in soccer:

1. Starting and stopping play: The referee uses the whistle to signal the start and stop of play. This is important for ensuring that all players know when the game has begun or when play has been temporarily halted (e.g., for a foul, injury, or substitution).

2. Indicating fouls: The whistle is also used to indicate when a player has committed a foul. This is important for ensuring that the game is played fairly and that players are held accountable for their actions.

3. Managing time: The referee uses the whistle to signal the end of each half of play, as well as any stoppage time that may be added on. This is important for ensuring that the game stays within the allotted time and that both teams have an equal opportunity to play.
Referee Positioning
Soccer referee positioning is incredibly important for ensuring that the game is played fairly and that players are kept safe. Referees need to be in the right position to see everything that is happening on the field and to make accurate calls based on what they observe. Here are a few reasons why soccer referee positioning is so critical:

1. Provides a better view: When referees are in the correct position, they have a clear line of sight to all areas of the field. This allows them to see all of the players and what is happening with the ball. With a better view, referees can make better decisions and ensure that the game is played fairly.

2. Reduces errors: Being in the right position reduces the chances of making errors in judgment. Referees can see the game from different angles, allowing them to make better decisions on whether a foul has occurred or not. This reduces the chances of making incorrect calls, which can significantly impact the outcome of a game.

3. Keeps players safe: By being in the right position, referees can keep an eye on players and quickly intervene if necessary. This can help prevent dangerous tackles or fouls that can result in injuries. Referees are also better able to see if players are engaging in unsportsmanlike behavior and can take action to prevent it.

4. Enhances game flow: When referees are in the right position, they can anticipate where the ball is going to go next and move accordingly. This allows them to stay out of the way of players and helps the game flow more smoothly.
What's in my bag?
The most important piece of gear for a soccer referee is the uniform. The uniform typically consists of a jersey, shorts, socks, and shoes. The jersey is usually a different color than the jerseys worn by the players, to distinguish the referee from the teams. This helps players and spectators easily identify who is in charge of the game.

In addition to the uniform, referees also wear specific gear to protect themselves and assist in their duties. This may include a whistle to signal stoppage of play or a foul, a watch to keep track of time, and cards to issue warnings and penalties to players who violate the rules.
Ref Centre Setup
It is very important that you set up your Ref Centre account properly to receive game assignments. You should also keep your availability updated at all times to ensure no game is missing a referee. If you require help using Ref Centre, please contact your head referee and they will gladly give you a hand.
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