Valley United Soccer League

Extreme Heat and Weather

Parental Reminder:

These policies are in place to guide the league as a whole. As a parent/guardian, the ultimate responsibility resides with you whether your child attends/plays under extreme weather conditions. Every person is different and you know your child best.

Humidex Policy

Don't Get Beat by the Heat (Ontario Soccer)

Games will be canceled and rescheduled under the following circumstances:

  • U10 & U12: Humidex is 37 or higher
  • U14+: Humidex is 40 or higher

This decision is made at the league level at 4:00 pm based on Environment Canada's projected humidex for 7:00 pm in Pembroke. If games are canceled, a notice will be placed on VUSL's Facebook page. If not, "No news is 'go' news."

Thunder and Lightning

Canada Soccer Severe Weather Policy

If a game is abandoned by the referee for reasons of weather, including visibility, or field conditions before the completion of 2/3 (two-thirds) of the normal playing time for that division it may be rescheduled. Games abandoned in the final 1/3 (one-third) of the normal playing time will be considered complete. Inclement weather (rain, or snow) is not, by itself, sufficient grounds for cancellation but a game shall be delayed, if thunder is heard or lightning is seen as per Canada Soccer Thunder Policy, and if it can be done so safely, at least until danger passes (30 minutes after last thunder is heard / lightning is seen whichever occurs last).