Valley United Soccer League

October 29 @ 6 PM

Westwinds Restaurant at the Best Western, Pembroke

Open to all members of all member clubs (coaches, parents, players, execs, referees)

An RSVP to is appreciated, but not required.

At the current time, the projected temperature, including humidex, does not exceed the allotted maximum temperature for play.. Soccer is a GO!!!!

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Update June 27

Keeping inline with the decisions below from the previous smoke-outs, VUSL will be following the same protocols for games abandoned June 26 due to the smoke and storms.

Please exercise patience as we work hard to find dates that will not only have fields available, but also match officials. The international shortage of referees is now hitting home as many of our senior referees who do the U8 and U19 games have very limited availability in July and August and our youth referees will be taking holidays with their families


June 12

VUSL had a brief meeting on Friday to discuss rescheduling and other issues that arose due to the need to cancel games last week because of the smoke.

Staying in line with the current Rules & Regulations, the following will take place:

The league will be responsible for rescheduling games for U12B and up for the games missed Monday and Tuesday.
Games will be rescheduled in July taking field and referee availability into consideration.  U10 games will not be rescheduled due to the large number of teams involved.

Per XVI.1 Abandoned/Unplayed, Teams shall be given at least one (1) week notice of the time and location of a rescheduled game. 

If notice is sent to the Club, or recognized Club contact, it is the Club’s responsibility to notify the appropriate Team Official(s).

The rescheduled date set by the League shall stand.

Per XVI.3 Defaulted Games

Clubs/teams must notify the League and opposing team at least 24 hours prior to the scheduled kick-off time if they are not able to field a team. Otherwise, they may be fined. Defaulted games will not be rescheduled.

Per VI.3 Standings

A team forfeiting a game shall lose the game 2 - 0 in addition to suffering any other penalties prescribed by the Board.

To summarize:
1. Games will be rescheduled in July due to the busyness of end of school year activities in June.

2. The league will set the dates and times based on field and ref availability. If a home field is not available, the visiting team may be asked to host. Games might be rescheduled on a different day of the week than the usual day.

3. Teams not able to field a team for the rescheduled game will be in default and the standings will be adjusted accordingly.

4. There are no fines or penalties currently being considered.